Josh Miller Live at The Cottage Pub

Josh Miller – “Live at The Cottage Pub”

Recorded LIVE at the Cocoa Beach venue on June 2, 2007.

Players of Instruments: Jonathan Buck, Drums / James McKaba, Piano / Miguel Hamoum, Bass / Kevin Double´, Harmonica / Karl Davis, Vocals / Josh Miller, Guitar and Vocals

Download the full recording in either MP3 or AAC format for $10, payment processed off-site with PayPal and the download link will be emailed to you. For all inquiries, please contact Josh by email

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Back to the Chicken Shack

Chicago Breakdown

That’s Alright

Can’t Lost What You Ain’t Never Had

That Ain’t Right

Come On Work

Done Got Tired


Goin’ Away

Guvner’s Boogie

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